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The Direct Way to HPLC Chromatograms

Automated Sample Preparation System FREESTYLE™ with SPE Module, EVAporation Module, and HPLC Direct Injection Module

HPLC Direct Injection Module

With the new HPLC Direct Injection module LCTech GmbH brings complete automation from sample preparation to analytical results to its customers.

The new HPLC Direct Injection module is part of the automated sample preparation system FREESTYLE™ that has been developed by LCTech, the specialists for sample preparation.

The robotic system can be flexibly equipped with different modules for solid phase extraction (SPE), gel permeation chromatography or evaporation which can be arbitrarily combined matching customer requirements.

The HPLC Direct Injection module allows the complete automation from raw extract to chromatogram without any manual working step and with excellent results at the same time. The samples are reliably processed during day or night and even at the weekend with fully recorded chromatograms afterwards.

The module is compatible with any HPLC instrument and takes over the function of an autosampler thus eliminating the requirement for such one.

It can be used for all applications in which samples are measured in an HPLC system after concentration or after a solvent exchange in the EVAporation module. The sample preparation takes place either with the SPE module and the EVAporation module or after a solvent exchange and the evaporation with the GPC module. Afterwards the finished samples are injected into the HPLC by sample loop overfilling. The injection volume can be parametrised. The filling of further aliquots of the sample is also possible.

The module consists of ten positions for standards cooled by a Peltier element. Optionally 1 mL or 4 mL vials may be used. The size of the sample loop is variable.

About LCTech GmbH

LCTech GmbH is based in Dorfen, Germany. Since 1998, it has been developing and supplying products and methods for the preparation and analysis of food, animal feed and environmental samples. The product range includes both semi and fully automated sample preparation systems as well as consumables utilised in the analysis of contaminants and residues. LCTech is represented worldwide through a well-developed distributor network and also acts as the exclusive distributor for PICKERING Laboratories in Europe, Africa and the Arab countries.Worldwide, many customers – including governmental and contract laboratories focusing on food and feed analysis, and also those based in the pharmaceutical industry or research – are equally appreciate both, the modern and efficient products of LCTech as well as its responsive and competent customer support. More information is available online via

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