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Automated Sample Clean-Up for the PCB and Dioxin Analysis in „Pure“ Fractions

DEXTech Pure

LCTech’s latest system for sample clean-up of PCBs and dioxins, DEXTech Pure, is based on the technique of the established system DEXTech Plus, and approaches mainly applications in the environmental analysis. 

DEXTech Pure separates PCBs and dioxins in one fraction each and enables the subsequent measurement of PCBs and dioxins separately in one GC-MS run each. Cross-contamination is reliably avoided.

For users mainly interested in measuring PCBs, the system offers a special highlight in a speedy “PCB only” method: The 3rd column (carbon column) can be replaced by a dummy column and the sample only passes two columns. This saves both, solvent and costs for the already favourable columns, and above all enormous runtime per sample.

All matrices, be it food, feed, environmental, or biological samples, can be processed in an easy and efficient way. 

DEXTech Pure comes with two default methods that are compliant to the EPA method and European regulations. An individual parameterisation via touch screen is also possible with only a few fingertips. Up to 28 methods can be stored and reopened in the system. 

The general handling of the system is just as easy as the method input. For example, the columns are simply clicked in and pressure-tight locked with an electrical mechanism, with the same functionality as the whole DEXTech product family. Neither tools nor further manual working steps are required.

In addition, DEXTech Pure provides various safety features like e.g. pressure monitoring, overflow sensor, or leakage sensor. 

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