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Automated Sample Preparation at analytica 2016

Automated sample preparation system FREESTYLE™ with SPE and EVAporation module

Automated sample preparation system for water analysis: FREESTYLE™ XANA™

The LCTech GmbH presents solutions for automated sample preparation in the fields of food, feed, forensics/toxicology and environmental in hall A2, booth 400 at analytica 2016 that takes place in Munich from 10th to 13th of May.

Depending on application and matrix sample preparation can be a very laborious and time intensive activity. For this reason the LCTech GmbH, specialist for automated sample preparation, develops flexible solutions for a broad variety of applications in different areas. 

At analytica 2016 the company shows its latest products and applications:

  • The robotic system FREESTYLE™ SPE automates the new sample loading procedure „bidirectional SPE“ for forensics and toxicology. Using the bidirectional SPE the sample is aspirated through the LUER tip into the column and is released directly afterwards into a vial. The sample thus passes the sorbent twice but never enters the robotic system itself, hereby avoiding cross-contamination. 
  • Furthermore the FREESTYLE™ system enables the automated processing of two solid phase extractions one after another without manual steps. This reduces the processing time enormously and increases the sample throughput.
  • FREESTYLE™ XANA™ has been specifically developed for automated sample preparation of large volume water samples, i.e. drinking water, raw water or river water. Without the need for supervision, the system processes samples reliably over 24 hours and 7 days per week through all stages beginning with the raw sample up to filling into GC vials with a sample throughput of up to 65 samples per day. With a positive pressure of up to 4 bar samples with particulate matter can also be pushed through the SPE columns in many cases. 
  • The robotic system FREESTYLE™ ThermELUTE™ enables the complete automated mycotoxin analysis from raw extract to the ready chromatogram with excellent sensitivity in a ppt- or even a ppq-range and a sample throughput of up to 500 samples per week. 
  • The DEXTech™ system takes over the sample preparation for the dioxin analysis: fast, simple and cost-effective. In less than one hour the samples are ready prepared for the subsequent analysis. Due to the ready-to-use columns and a universal, evaluated standard method the system is ideal for both, novices in dioxin analysis and laboratories with a high sample throughput.