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Automated Sample Clean-up at the analytica 2018

Fully automated sample preparation system for the PCB and dioxin analysis: DEXTech 16

DEXTech Pure



LCTech presents its innovative solutions for the automated sample clean-up of food, feed, environmental and biological samples at the analytica 2018 (10.-13.04.2018 in Munich, Germany) in hall A2, stand 400.

Nowadays, the number of samples in the laboratories is steadily increasing and a fast and reliable sample preparation gets more and more important. Specialized on automated sample preparation, LCTech GmbH will show its products and latest developments fulfilling these requirements in three application areas.

PCB and Dioxin Analysis

For the PCB and dioxin analysis, LCTech presents a special highlight and innovation: DEXTech 16 is the first, fully automated sample preparation system on the market that cleans-up 16 samples within one sequence unattended and around the clock. The system has been developed based on the experience gained during many years with the DEXTech product range.

Part of this product family is also the second innovation, DEXTech Pure, focussing on the utilization in the environmental sector. The system separates PCBs and dioxins in one fraction each that afterwards can be measured in one GC-MS run each. A speedy method saves time, solvents, and costs, if the user is only analysing PCBs.

Food and Feed Analysis

Cleaning-up food and feed samples for mycotoxin and pesticide analysis, LCTech focusses on a high sample throughput and a high degree of automation by directly connecting the sample preparation to the users HPLC system.

For the first time, LCTech will present an automated, modified QuEChERS methode for difficult dry matrices. This nondispersive procedure stands out due to its fastness, simplicity, and competitive pricing.

Another solution for a complete automation for the mycotoxin analysis provides LCTech with the FREESTYLE ThermELUTE™ system. Due to miniaturisation and exceptional technology with direct online injection into the HPLC system after the clean-up, the system achieves a high sample throughput of 500 samples per week and an extreme high sensitivity in the lower ppt-range. 

Water Analysis

For the automated solid phase extraction (SPE) of large volume water samples LCTech presents FREESTYLE XANA. This system processes the samples with a usual volume from 1 L to 10 L unattended around the clock even at weekends. Due to simultaneous operation of the process steps and the processing of 3 samples at the same time, the system achieves a very high throughput of 65 samples within 24 hours. Equipped with the optional evaporation module, FREESTYLE XANA allows automated processing including the filling into autosampler vials or even autosampler vials with insert. 

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