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3,500 Samples per Year Throughput with the New Automated Sample Preparation System for Dioxin Analysis DEXTech Plus

Automated Sample Preparation System for Dioxins and PCB: DEXTech™ Plus

LCTech GmbH presents its new automated sample preparation system DEXTech Plus from 28.08.2016 to 02.09.2016 at the Dioxin 2016 in Florence. 

Tedious and elaborate sample preparation makes the sample processing time and cost-intensive. When developing its new system for automated sample preparation in dioxin and PCB analysis LCTech focused on shortening the process time, increasing the flexibility of the system, allowing easy handling, and achieving lower costs per sample.

With the system DEXTech Plus, LCTech as the specialist for automated sample preparation succeeded in reducing the processing time to only 35 minutes depending on the sample including conditioning and fractionation. This allows to process up to 3,500 samples per year with only one system. 4 systems in parallel achieve a sample throughput of up to 14,000 samples per year, making the system a perfect solution also for high throughput laboratories.

The 3 column system can be equipped with different ready-to-use columns depending on the analysed matrix or the requested fractions. Insertion of the columns is very simple: The columns are clicked into the system in seconds, without any tools and without screwing. Afterwards they are electrically locked (patented system).

The method set-up is done via touch-screen, where the parameters can be configured freely or pre-stored default methods can be selected.

After the sample vial has been placed into the system, the sample will be quantitatively loaded into the sample loop by the syringe pump. During the whole process the sample doesn’t come in contact with the syringe pump at any time. Due to that, as well as for the systemic rinsing of the device and the exchange of the columns, cross-contamination is reliably avoided. 

Various safety features like leakage sensor, overpressure control, and waste level sensor ensure the safety of the users. The locking of the columns is only possible, if the door is closed and the system operates entirely in the low voltage range. An extractor hood is not required. 

DEXTech Plus provides an integrated USB-port for reporting and documentation and is compliant with the EPA method and European regulations.