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Responsible according to press law: Michael Baumann, LCTech GmbH, Daimlerstraße 4, 84419 Obertaufkirchen, Germany

LCTech Presents Novelties in Automated Sample Clean-up at the analytica 2020


LCTech GmbH will be presenting innovative solutions for automated sample clean-up in food, feed, environmental and biological samples at analytica 2020 from March 31 to April 3 in Hall A2, booth 400.[more]

LCTech Modified System for No Blank Values in Automated PFAS Clean-up


LCTech GmbH, expert for automated sample clean-up enables the reliable and unattended clean-up of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances without blank values in the subsequent analysis due to fluorine-free systemmaterial.[more]

Automated QuEChERS Method for Standard, Dried and Fatty Matrices


LCTech GmbH offers an automated non-dispersive QuEChERS method for pesticide analysis. This solution not only realises what QuEChERS stands for (Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged and Safe), it also reaches a high matrix reduction for minimized ion suppression and purer extracts for better results.[more]

Leading Scientists Discuss Regulatory and Analytical Issues Concerning Persistent Halogenated Pollutants


LCTech, manufacturer of automated robotic systems for the clean-up of food, feed and environmental samples, held a 2-day (04.-05.04.2019) international forum on the topic of halogenated persistent pollutants (FoHP 2019) at the Science & Study Center of the Technical University of Munich in Raitenhaslach / Burghausen (Germany).[more]

Parallel and Fast Concentration of Samples in PCB and Dioxin Analysis


The vacuum concentrator D-EVA allows unattended, parallel and fast concentration of several samples with automatic stop at a defined volume between 10 and 150 µL. [more]

Automated Sample Clean-up in PCB and Dioxin Analysis for Samples Hardening at Room Temperature


The automated system DEXTech Heat especially cleans up samples that need to remain melted in PCB and dioxin analysis by keeping the sample liquid with three heating zones - from sample vial to the first column.[more]

Automated Sample Clean-up at the analytica 2018


LCTech presents its innovative solutions for the automated sample clean-up of food, feed, environmental and biological samples at the analytica 2018 (10.-13.04.2018 in Munich, Germany) in hall A2, stand 400.[more]

1 System – 1 Sequence – 16 Samples


With DEXTech 16, LCTech launches the first fully automated sample clean-up system for PCB and dioxin analysis.[more]

Automated Sample Clean-Up for the PCB and Dioxin Analysis in „Pure“ Fractions


The automated sample preparation system DEXTech Pure offers a fast, efficient, and economic separation of analytes in two fractions using a 3-column setup with aluminium oxide.[more]

Fully Automated Mycotoxin Detection in the ppq-Range


LCTech’s robotic system FREESTYLE ThermELUTE enables with its fully automated sample preparation and direct connection to a HPLC system a sample throughput of more than 500 samples per week. The process is done without any manual working steps from extract to the ready chromatogram. [more]

3,500 Samples per Year Throughput with the New Automated Sample Preparation System for Dioxin Analysis DEXTech Plus


LCTech GmbH presents its new automated sample preparation system DEXTech Plus from 28.08.2016 to 02.09.2016 at the Dioxin 2016 in Florence. [more]

Automated Sample Preparation at analytica 2016


The LCTech GmbH presents solutions for automated sample preparation in the fields of food, feed, forensics/toxicology and environmental in hall A2, booth 400 at analytica 2016 that takes place in Munich from 10th to 13th of May.[more]

New and Unique: Automated Sample Preparation for Water Analysis


The new robotic system FREESTYLE XANA of LCTech GmbH enables the reliable and unattended sample preparation of water samples with a volume of 1 L up to 10 L from the raw sample up to the filling into GC vials.[more]

New Sample Loading for the Automated Sample Preparation: Bidirectional SPE


The robotic system FREESTYLE of LCTech GmbH automatically processes the most difficult matrices in the field of forensic and toxicology: reliably and without cross-contamination. [more]

The Direct Way to HPLC Chromatograms


With the new HPLC Direct Injection module LCTech GmbH brings complete automation from sample preparation to analytical results to its customers.[more]

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