Meet us at the analytica 2020 in Munich

LCTech`s Innovations in Automated Sample Clean-up

Meet our team of experts in hall A2, booth no. 400 and experience LCTechs latest developments like FREESTYLE systems specially modified for PFAS analysis, QuEChERS for fatty matrices,optimized methods in dioxin and PCB analysis and a very special highlight for mycotoxin analysis. 

Our Highlight this Year

Mycotoxin clean-up: Enhance your diute-and-shoot

16 Mycotoxins in one run
The CrossTOX® clean-up columns by LCTech allow a high efficient sample clean-up of all regulated plus expected mycotoxins. At the same time, the columns improve the conventional dilute-and-shoot process via an QuEChERS based procedure (non-dispersive). Whether manually or automatically - below you will find your advantages compared to dilute-and-shoot:

    Your advantages at glance

    • Faster, more efficient clean up
    • Very cost saving as less internal standard is required
    • High matrix reduction: Your LC-MS/MS is not affected by any matrix contamination 
    • High recovery rates 
    • Only one column for all matrices (cereals, nuts, dried fruits)
    • No separate filtration 
    • Suitable for manual and automated processing

    Learn the Most Important Details About Our Exhibits:

    Clean-up of residues and contaminants

    QuEChERS à la LCTech now also for fatty matrices
    The QuCEhERS method is now also available for fatty matrices like avocado and butter. Thus, LCTech offers not only innovative, robust automation for the application of the method, but also the suitable columns for almost all matrices within pesticide analysis in food and feed. The non-dispersive method is characterized not only by high robustness and speed but also by simple implementation and a low price.

    Mycotoxin clean-up

    From raw extract to chromatogram
    The robotic system FREESTYLE ThermELUTE™ makes it possible to measure even with HPLC below European limits - thus also in the analysis of baby food. In direct connection with HPLC, the path from raw extract to chromatogram can also be completely automated. The amount of work is minimized; your sample throughput is maximized with up to 500 samples per week.

    Water clean-up

    Residue analysis in water
    The FREESTYLE XANA robotic system offers an innovative automation and enabling unattended, automated processing of water samples from 0.25 - 10 L, around the clock, 7 days a week.

    PFAS clean-up

    Analytics of growing importance worldwide
    The FREESTYLE system is also available with a low fluoropolymer content for SPE in food and water clean-up.
    Therefore, all system material that get in touch with the sample is almost free of these substances. Blank values that interfere with the low detection limits required in PFAS analysis are reliably excluded.
    If you want to combine 2 SPE in a row, FREESTYLE can operate in Dual-SPE. 

    PCB and Dioxin clean-up

    Environmental, food and feed analysis
    “Green Techonolgy“ – We are already on this path. 
    For pure analysis of dioxins or PCBs in a single GC-MS run, DEXTech Pure and Heat were upgraded with shortened methods, saving time and solvent. For the optimal utilization of your GC/MS system as well as additional sample throughput, LCTech offers with DEXTech 16 the top device. The fully automated system processes 15 samples unattended in one sequence - around the clock and even on weekends.
    If DCM is your challenge we also have a solution!

    The vacuum concentrator D-EVA for the concentration of your samples before and after clean-up completes the product family perfectly.

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