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Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)

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Fully Automated - Automated - Manually

The LCTech products for the Solid Phase Extraction are just as diverse as their areas of application and give users the support up to the extent they require: from fully automated robotic systems to SPE columns up to vacuum manifolds in the fields of mycotoxin analysis, water analysis, or forensics.


Sample clean-up via SPE-column belongs to the protraced and monotonous routine tasks in any analytical laboratory - however, this job demands highest concentration. This is an ideal process step for automated processing.

FREESTYLE in motion

Videos of the robotic system for automated sample preparation

Complete Automation


Fully automated mycotoxin analysis from raw extract to the chromatogram: fast and with high sensitivity: ppt instead of ppb

Automated Sample Preparation


The FREESTYLE robotic system with SPE module assumes routinelaboratory tasks: around theclock , unattended and reliably.

Automated Determination of PFAS


Besides large-volume water samples, the PFAS free system is also available for sample from solid phase extraction (without XANA module). This means that all material in contact with the sample is virtually free of substances that could affect the low blank values required in the analytics.
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Manual Clean-up

Vacuum Manifold EluVac

Simultaneous clean-up of up to 20 samples under vacuum. Due to different sample racks and a pipe connected to an external reservoir the device is suitable for large sample volumes like water. 

Clean-up Columns

Mycotoxins and Biotin

LCTech provides a multitude of immunoaffinity and clean-up columns for mycotoxins (Aflatoxins B1, B2, G1, G2, and M1, Ochratoxin A, and Deoxynivalenol) and biotin.


Florisil Ready-to-use Columns


The ready-to-use glass columns are available in different sizes, filled and unfilled, and also suitable for the H53 method.

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SPE Glass Columns

Unfilled SPE Glass Columns

The glass columns are available in different sizes and with the appurtenant inert accessories and are suitable for automated processing, e. g. with the FREESTYLE system.

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