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No matter if at our location in Obertaufkirchen or at any other event worldwide: We are looking forward to giving you interesting insights behind the scenes of LCTech and to letting you participate in our company life.  

Have fun looking through the picture gallery!

Many years of service at LCTech are honoured


At the semi-annual staff meeting, not only the current development of LCTech was shared with the employees, but also long-standing employees were honoured for their more than 10 years of service to the company. The company is justifiably proud to have won over a large part of the employees over many years and continues to look optimistically to the future.

OUR CHRISTMAS GIFT to the future of our region


This year we have decided to turn our customer Christmas presents into a donation and to give our attention to the long-awaited children's playground in Obertaufkirchen, which should give the children happy moments.

Obertaufkirchen can look forward to a play tower, seat carousel, sand construction site, nest swing combination and a balance ride in the new year.

LCTech wishes everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

It`s christmas time at LCTech


Just in time for December 1, our two hardworking ladies Ursula and Fini are slowly but surely getting LCTech into the holiday spirit. Two Christmas trees have been decorated, the table decorations in the casino are in place, now all that's missing are cookies and gingerbread or even a cup of mulled wine to start the Christmas season in Obertaufkirchen.

Dr. Michael Muck at the langenauer water forum


Our sales representative for the German-speaking region, Dr. Michael Muck, was present at the Langenauer Water Forum (LWF) last week, where he had many interesting and varied discussions on modern water analysis topics. 

The main topics were the new EU drinking water guidelines, screening methods, source tracking and digitalization in the laboratory.

PFAS was also discussed in detail at the LWF, this topic is as present as ever, because these industrial chemicals are almost indestructible and are transported around the world via air and water.

new employee - Anton Mundigl


On 01.11.2021 Anton Mundigl joined the marketing department as an assistant for Ms. Ganster. We wish you a good start into your professional life, many new experiences, exciting adventures and of course a successful time at LCTech!

Are you also interested in a job at LCTech? Learn more about our open positions

Lots of reasons to celebrate


In addition to LCTechs main activity: the development of innovative equipment and accessories for the clean up of analytical samples, today after the semi-annual LCTech works meeting, there were a few occasions to celebrate: Managing director Mr Baumann congratulated, together with Head of HR Mrs Lang, our production manager Mr Kloß on 10 years at LCTech and thanked him for his dedicated work with a gift basket. Mrs. Treiner has been working in the biotechnology sector at LCTech for many years. She also received a beautiful gift basket and will start her retirement at the end of the year.In addition, the sales team, represented by Dr. Muck, congratulated its Head of sales Mrs Angelika Köpf on her wedding in August and presented her a colourful bouquet of flowers. Afterwards, Mr Baumann invited the entire staff to a suckling pig lunch on the occasion of his previous birthday. It tasted delicious and rounded off the festivities perfectly before the staff returned to work.

Visit from Bündnis 90 - die Grünen


At the beginning of August, Barbara Fuchs (MdL), economic policy spokeswoman and SME representative of the Bündnis 90/DIE Grünen parliamentary group, visited our company. She was accompanied by Kerstin Daser, district chairwoman of die Grünen in Mühldorf, Judith Bogner, committee member and Christoph Arz, candidate for the Bundestag. In her report on the visit, Ms. Fuchs described LCTech company as a good example of how far medium-sized businesses in particular are already on their way and taking the necessary steps towards climate neutrality. The company building, which was constructed as a passive house, impressed the visitors just as much as the successful company history and international orientation. The visit was rounded off by a guided tour through the LCTech buildung.

Continuing of Training – Obertaufkirchen – Germany



On 01.08.2021, Marie Lindenstruth continued her training as an industrial clerk in her second year at LCTech. In addition to theoretical instruction at the vocational school, she will pass through all areas of the company and gain a comprehensive insight into all commercial and business management processes. We are pleased about her start with us and wish her many new experiences and a successful time at LCTech.


Something new is coming ... get ready for




And action! Things are happening in Obertaufkirchen - pictures and video recordings have been in the foreground lately. Our main task: To show LCTech`s newest product for sample extraction from its best side.

In just a few weeks it will be ready! The wait is over. On May 26th,2021, the circle of offers for products for sample preparation will be closed -
"X-TRACTION" is going to be launched!


4. Mülheimer Wasseranalytisches Seminar – Mülheim – Germany

16. – 17.09.2020


Our first presence event since COVID-19 outbreak: The “Mülheimer Water Analytical Seminar” (MWAS 2020) was a complete success. 

Among 17 lectures and scientific posters, the conference again focused on the current challenges and results of water analysis. LCTech joined with the topic "Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)” – a very special highlight for the 150 participants.

Start of Training – Obertaufkirchen – Germany



On 01.09.2020, Maximilian Karl began his 3-year training as an industrial clerk at LCTech. In addition to theoretical instruction at the vocational school, he will pass through all areas of the company and gain a comprehensive insight into all commercial and business management processes. We wish Maximilian Karl a good start to his working life, many new experiences and a successful time at LCTech.


20 years of cooperation & product development:

Creative CAD designs as a model for success


Martin Brandlhuber started his career at LCTech in 2000 as a design engineer in the development department. In this position he is still very successful today. In particular, his distinct sense for the functional interaction of design, chemical process engineering and applicability in laboratories for routine analysis have repeatedly led to amazing product solutions and moreover to several patent applications.
Both managing directors Michael Baumann and Dr. Uwe Aulwurm would like to thank Mr. Brandlhuber warmly for 20 years of cooperation and the common realization of many successful and future-oriented product ideas. All participants are looking forward to the coming years and many more innovative design approaches.

20 Years of Cooperation & Company Building: A Successful Story


Dr. Uwe Aulwurm started his career as a sales employee at LCTech in 2000. However, he was soon able to live out his real passion, the creative implementation of ideas in product development, through his appointment as head of the development department.

Today the product portfolio of LCTech is significantly characterized by his ideas. Dr. Aulwurm was appointed Managing Director with comprehensive responsibility for all technical matters at LCTech on 1 January 2020. Managing Director Michael Baumann thanks Dr. Aulwurm warmly for 20 years of cooperation and the common company development. Both are looking forward to the coming years, which promise further interesting products.

"Natural Diversity in Nature" - Obertaufkirchen - Germany


LCTech supports this guiding principle by sowing native wild field herbs and creating flowering areas. For the first time, an unused company area has now been sown with native wild plant seeds. 
The result is impressive. The flower meadow provides a wonderful variety of colourful flowers and the local wildlife is also happy. It hums and buzzes, bees and bumblebees rush from flower to flower and magnificent butterflies flutter around elegantly. 
We would like to thank the seed propagator Georg Hans from Obertaufkirchen for the cooperation and the District Office of Mühldorf for their support. 

Youth Start-Ups – Pitch Event Munich – Germany

10. – 11.03.2020


Every year the trainees of the 11th grade take part in the Youth Start-Up Competition within the framework of the vocational school. The students form groups, invent a product, found a company and even develop a business plan. Our trainee Corinna Sedlmeier and her team colleague made it to the 11th place of over 700 participants. Because of the very good placement, both were invited to a pitch event in Munich. 

A supporting program tailored to the event enabled the students to visit a real start-up company in the software sector. This perfectly rounded off the theoretical knowledge about founding a company.  

On the following day, the participating groups were allowed to present their founded company to a jury. Corinna Sedlmeier and her teammate were able to reach the 6th place, which we are very proud of.

Customer Seminar 2020 – Barueri – Sao Paulo – Brazil

09. – 10.03 2020

In March, our sales team travelled to our distributor in Brazil for a 2-day workshop. The program of the seminar covered everything related to food safety for automated sample preparation of dioxins and PCBs, PFAS, pesticides, mycotoxins and azo dyes. Angelika Köpf (head of sales) and Christine Grossmann (sales) supported our Brazilian distributor and gave lectures to the participants on theoretical knowledge of LCTech's DEXTech and FREESTYLE devices. The participants of the workshop travelled from Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Paraná, São Paulo and Argentina. Between the lectures, the time was used to demonstrate the theoretical explanations on the devices. This also gave the participants a practical insight. We thank our distributor Katalysis for this great and informative event!

Customer Seminar 2020 - Belgrade - Serbia


In March, 20 interested participants met at our business partner in Serbia to learn everything about automated sample clean-up in forensics and toxicology in a 1-day mini seminar. With an introductory presentation, the participants got to know figures, data and facts about our automated solutions. In the small group of dedicated scientists, the large round table provided a great opportunity for open, valuable discussions and to exchange experiences among each other. All in all, it was a very successful and informative event, which will definitely be repeated in the near future in the same way. We thank our partner in Serbia for this great cooperation.

DEXTech Training 2020 - Obertaufkirchen - Germany

18.02.2020 – 21.02.2020

In February LCTech again held a service training course. This training focused on the DEXTech product family. Three service technicians from the Ukraine, the Netherlands and Canada travelled to LCTech. During this training the participants got a closer look at the installation, software and hardware of the DEXTech product family (DEXTech Pure, DEXTech Heat and DEXTech 16) through our service team Michael Sterr and Marc-Fabian Schaefer.
Thanks to the demo devices, the training participants were able to put their acquired knowledge directly into practice in the training room and laboratory. 

Service Training 2020 - Obertaufkirchen - Germany

28.01. – 31.01.2020


At the end of January LCTech invited two service technicians from Greece and Ukraine for a service training which covered the topics FREESTYLE SPE, EVA and XANA. Under the guidance of our service team Michael Sterr and Marc-Fabian Schaefer the participants got an insight into the soft- and hardware of the device. In addition, the dealers learned how to install, maintain and optimally repair our devices themselves. 
Such training courses enable us to maintain close cooperation with our dealers and ensure their high level of technical competence.

New Year’s Reception of the „Educational Pact Secondary School Gars“ – Gars am Inn – Germany



Since 2018 LCTech is part of the educational pact of the secondary school in Gars (Germany).
This cooperation with companies and self-employed persons from the region was initiated in 2003 in order to link the school more intensively with the economy and thus also to offer the pupils the opportunity to get to know regional companies better.
As part of the education pact, a New Year's Reception with an education fair is held annually in the assembly hall of the secondary school. There, pupils of the 10th and 11th grades, as well as interested parents and teachers, can inform themselves about companies in the region and the different possibilities after the A-level.

Also this year LCTech was present again. Michaela Moser (Head of Personnel & Training), Corinna Sedlmeier (Trainee Industrial Clerk) and Verena Knollhuber (Trainee Industrial Clerk) presented our training offer for the profession Industrial Clerk. They also answered the questions of the interested pupils about training, dual studies or further education possibilities at LCTech.


Honours for Long-Standing Seniority – Obertaufkirchen – Germany



During this year's Christmas celebration, Managing Director Michael Baumann proudly and gratefully presented a gift basket and a bouquet of flowers to our employee, Lisa Klinger, on the occasion of her 10th anniversary at LCTech.

Ms. Klinger started her career at LCTech with an apprenticeship as a biological laboratory assistant and has bee part of our team since then, for 10 years now.

Michael Baumann thanked her for her many years of great coorporation, which has contributed to make the company what it has become today.

LCTech Christmas Celebration 2019 – Buchbach – Germany



For the first time, our trainees organized the annual Christmas celebration, and so this year the entire staff gathered at the restaurant Stoiber.
With candlelight, delicious food and an exuberant atmosphere, the past year 2019 was brought to a close and a review was held.
As in the past years, our trainees planned a small entertainment performance. After the lost Christmas activity, the ladies of the staff had to sing the song "All I Want for Christmas". 
As Christmas is known to be the time of giving, a "Scrap Secret Santa" among colleagues and a tombola were organized in advance. At the end of the evening everyone could enjoy a " Scrap Secret Santa Present ", handed by Santa himself, and a nice present from the tombola. At this point, we would like to thank our suppliers and business partners, who have given our employees a great pleasure this year again.

We would also like to thank our trainees for the great organisation and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020. 

Langenauer Wasserforum – Langenau – Germany

11. – 12.11.2019

The Langenauer Wasserforum deals with new approaches for the identification of trace substances and microorganisms. The congress gives users, scientists and manufacturers the opportunity to exchange information on current developments in the field of water and environmental analysis. 

At the accompanying exhibition, LCTech presented the automated robotic system FREESTYLE XANA established for water analysis. For years it has been used successfully by Governmental monitoring laboratories as well as service provider and is a valuable support in the implementation of the Water Framework Directive.   
Product Manager Sebastian Wierer also gave a poster presentation on the subject: 
Automated sample preparation in method development and routine for the determination of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in water

RAFA 2019 – Prague – Czech Republic



In 2019 LCTech presented itself for the first time at RAFA in Prague, an annual international symposium where representatives from public monitoring laboratories, analytical service providers and industry meet to discuss the presence and detection of food ingredients and contaminants. Furthermore, a summary of new and forthcoming regulations and the status of monitoring of existing directives were also presented.

At the booth, LCTech presented the FREESTYLE robotic system for automated sample clean-up for food and feed analysis. In addition, Dr. Uwe Aulwurm, Head of Development at LCTech, presented two posters in the accompanying poster exhibition:

  • Automated extraction and analysis of phenolic acid and flavonoids in human plasma using miniaturized SPE 
  • A new automated on-line QuEChERS-HPLC direct injection clean-up system for fatty matrices

The posters can be found here.

ILMAC 2019 – Basel – Switzerland

24. – 27.09.2019

For 60 years, experts from the pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology industries have been attending the Swiss industrial fair for chemistry and life sciences. The fair shows all industrial applications from process technology to laboratory technology.

Our Swiss dealer “Chemgo AG” has presented our FREESTYLE XANA with a roll-up at ILMAC. The automated sample preparation system for water analysis aroused great interest among many visitors.

Dioxin 2019 – Kyoto – Japan

25. – 30.08.2019


In August, the 39th annual dioxin conference took place. This time, scientists from all over the world came together in Kyoto (Japan) to exchange their experience on dioxins and PCBs. This year, the perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) substances played a very important role.

LCTech participated at the congress for the 7th time in a row. The DEXTech Heat was presented at the booth. The system is excellently suitable for clean-up of samples which harden at room temperature. Furthermore, Maximilian Baumann (Business Unit Manager Dioxin) presented the LCTech dioxin product portfolio and the unique flexible method design with excellent results. 

Angelika Köpf, Sales Manager at LCTech, presented the latest development of LCTech in a poster presentation: the fluoropolymer-free FREESTYLE system on the current topic of "PFAS analysis".

„Fresh Air is Good for You“ – Obertaufkirchen – Germany



Our employees can only confirm that. LCTech offers its employees relaxation right in front of the door. In the course of the new construction of the company buidling, a wooden terrace was created as a place to take a break in the green.

Equipped with chairs, tables, sunshades and even a barbecue, the terrace is very popular with the entire staff. Many employees use this possibility on the many beautiful summer days also in this year and enjoy their break in the midday sun outside on our terrace.

Company Outing – Ingolstadt – Germany


At tropical temperatures, the staff of LCTech went to Ingolstadt. The first stop of the company outing was the Audi Centre. Divided into two groups, the first part went to the Audi Museum. There was a guided tour with the most important facts and models of the Audi company history. Meanwhile the second group got an insight into the production. From car body construction, welding robots to final assembly, the employees had the opportunity to gain an insight into the production of a car. Afterwards was the lunch at the restaurant “Kuchlbauer”, the oldest brewery in Ingolstadt. Before the meal, there was a small insight into the old brewing arts 100 years ago. A subsequent beer tasting and the beer menu rounded the whole thing off. In the afternoon, a guided tour through the beautiful old town followed. Despite the summer temperatures of 36 degrees, it was a great day that all employees enjoyed.

Together against Leukaemia – Obertaufkirchen – Germany


In Germany, a person is diagnosed with blood cancer every 15 minutes. LCTech accepted the challenge and fought together against leukaemia. The first-aid team arranged a typification in the house in which more than half of the workforce has registered. For the action, the team organized the registration kits and assisted the volunteers with cheek swabs and filling in the registration documents. A great campaign that was well received by all employees. Maybe some people will have the chance to save a life soon. Apart from the typing, the colleagues supported the DKMS with a money donation. Mr. Baumann participated with great joy in the campaign and increased the donation. Additionally, the company LCTech took over the costs for the typing, which amount to approx. 1,000 €.

Sales Training - Obertaufkirchen - Germany

08.07.2019 – 12.07.2019


When LCTech invites to a sales training, it becomes multicultural. From Canada over Europe, the Middle East to Malaysia, 17 distributors from 12 different countries came together. The first two days were focused on the DEXTech product family and the last three days on the FREESTYLE system. 
From theory to practice, Angelika Köpf, Sales Manager at LCTech, together with her sales team and the product specialists, gave the participants an understanding of all aspects of the automated systems.
Our latest development was also very interesting for the distributors: The FREESTYLE robotic system modified for automated PFAS clean-up with minimized blank values - FREESTYLE SPE-PFAS and FREESTYLE XANA-PFAS. 

Of course, space for discussions was also given during the sales training. Our distributors used this gladly. Finally, on the last day, our distributors had a traditional Bavarian breakfast with white sausages and wheat beer.

2. Service Training – Obertaufkirchen – Germany

25.06. - 28.06.2019

Another LCTech service training took place in June. This time we focused on the DEXTech product family (DEXTech Pure, DEXTech Heat and
DEXTech 16). The service technicians of our distributors came from Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Brazil in order to optimize their know-how about our devices and to apply theoretical knowledge in their own country. Under the leadership of our service team Michael Sterr and Lukas Niedermeier, the participants learned everything about the installation, application and service of the systems. Thanks to the demo devices, the training participants were able to put their acquired knowledge into practice directly in the training room. In addition, the participants were shown the DEXTech devices in action in the LCTech laboratory, where they could observe, among other things, the clean-up of real samples.

Service Training – Obertaufkirchen – Germany

21.05. - 24.05.2019


In May LCTech organized a service training for our distributors which covered the topics FREESTYLE SPE, EVA and XANA. The four service technicians arrived from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Switzerland. In the small group, the participants become acquainted with the FREESTYLE robotic system and had the opportunity to apply what they had learned on the device themselves. Most of them were already familiar with FREESTYLE, therefore the content of the training was quickly understood in the very open and friendly atmosphere. As a small supporting program, there was a city tour through Erding followed by a visit to a delicious organic restaurant.

Forum on Halogenated Pollutants 2019 - Burghausen - Germany


Scientists discuss assessment of toxicological content in food
LCTech, manufacturer of automated sample preparation systems for food and environmental laboratories, conducted a top-class congress on the topic of halogenated persistent pollutants, the FoHP 2019 (Forum on Halogenated Pollutants), at the Science & Study Center of the Technical University of Munich in Raitenhaslach from 04. - 05.04.2019 (Burghausen/Germany).

The focus was on toxic substances such as dioxins/PCBs, brominated flame retardants, chlorinated paraffins and especially poly- and perfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) in food and drinking water. The extent to which these substances are already influencing our daily lives can be seen in the public discussion in the district of Altötting (Germany) due to past PFAS contamination in the chemical industry.

77 opinion-forming and leading scientists from 14 nations visited this congress. The day before they were tuned with a tour through the beautiful old town of Burghausen and subsequent visit to the longest castle in the world as well as a Get-together in a Bavarian hotel restaurant in the evening. 

>> Read more here. <<


11. LabAutomation 2019 – 's-Hertogenbosch – Netherlands



As in previous years our distributor BCON was represented at the LabAutomation 2019 in 's-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands). The LabAutomation is intensively engaged in the exchange of scientific knowledge about automation and software solutions in laboratories. 

With DEXTech Heat, BCON presented a brand new solution developed by LCTech for the automated clean-up of PCB and dioxin samples such as PFAS or stearin that melt at room temperature. With three integrated heating zones, the system keeps the samples liquid during the whole clean-up process without any additional manual handling.

In addition to DEXTech Heat, the FREESTYLE system was also presented as probably the most adaptable robotic system for sample preparation on the market. Whether food and feed samples, environmental and biological samples or pharmaceutical samples - with FREESTYLE you can reliably automate countless working steps 24/7 in a wide variety of applications.  

National Dioxin-Workshop „ Second Annual Workshop on Advanced Training in Dioxin and PCB analysis“ – Thiruvananthapuram – South India


LCTech is technology leader when it comes to sample clean-up of highly toxic dioxins. During a three-day workshop, 30 experts from all over India discussed about dioxins and related contaminants in environmental, food and feed analysis. 
Mainly the aspect of waste incineration was on focus, which has been recognized as the major source for the dioxin-contamination of the environment in India. Over the last year, the country has put a lot of efforts to introduce European and US guidelines to limit dioxin pollution in the future.
The pilot laboratory uses LCTech equipment for reliable sample preparation. The aim of this workshop was to share this best practice with the regional laboratories and to achieve a standardization through the exchange of knowledge in order to use the results from India for an international comparison and to contribute to the important global task of pollution reduction.
As a thank for her lecture and the practical workshop, a souvenir of the conference was given to our sales manager Mrs. Angelika Köpf. 



Donation for the Volunteer Fire Brigade Obertaufkirchen – Obertaufkirchen – Germany



The volunteer fire brigade of Obertaufkirchen is an important element in the community life and for the security of the citizens. LCTech gladly supports the extraordinary commitment of the many volunteers with the donation of a defibrillator, which complements the equipment of the HLF 20/16 vehicle according to the motto of the fire brigade “save-extinguish-rescue-protect”.
n the picture (from right to left) Mayor Franz Ehgartner, Chairman of the Voluntary Fire Department Robert Huber, Commander Wolfgang Gill and Managing Director of LCTech GmbH Michael Baumann.

Customer Training – Obertaufkirchen – Germany


In January, seven users travelled from Indonesia to Obertaufkirchen for an application training.
The customers were from the institute BPPT. The pioneering institute plays a major role in the introduction of new technologies and new environmental protection regulations in Indonesia.
The training included all questions regarding the installation and use of the DEXTech Pure System from LCTech for PCB and dioxin analysis.
The event was financed by the UNIDO as part of the "PCB Free Indonesia" project.
Of course, the Bavarian culture was also included in the program. Thus they visited a traditional Bavarian inn. Above all, the snow and the view of the mountains was a very special highlight for our guests.
LCTech was also introduced to a piece of Indonesian culture. Our CEO Michael Baumann was presented with a gift from their Indonesian homeland.

LCTech Christmas Celebration 2018 - Obertaufkirchen - Germany


All years again - but this year LCTech celebrated Christmas unconventionally in its own house. Over a staircase full of candle lights the catering team welcomed the employees with mulled wine and cookies. 
The casino has been transformed into a place with Christmas ambience down to the smallest detail. The LCTech team enjoyed the evening and was served with delicious food and drinks.
Also this year, the trainees prepared an amusing entertainment and thus the male colleagues had to sing the song "Last Christmas" together in the choir after a lost riddle game.
As a highlight of the evening, three of our employees were honored for their 10th anniversary at LCTech.
With gratitude and pride, managing director Michael Baumann presented our jubilees, together with Heidi Baumann a gift basket. (Hubert Stanglmayr, Bianca Basener, Michael Baumann, Heidi Baumann und Bernhard Rumpf (left to right))


An Extract of the Team Behind the Scenes



Strong women's power hides behind the scenes of LCTech.

During the production of goods of various requirements, the ladies' team pays attention to customer-oriented, precise and quality-conscious execution.


Of course is safety a top priority. Thus, protective gowns, gloves, and during certain activities a mouthguard are part of the daily working life. In spite of a very demanding and purposeful work, the fun never comes too short. Then one or the other recipe is exchanged with pleasure.

Service Training – Obertaufkirchen – Germany

09. – 12.10.2018

In October we let our distributors from Switzerland, Italy, Brazil, Croatia, Bulgaria, and Indonesia come together in Obertaufkirchen for a service training.
The focus was on our FREESTYLE robotic system for automated sample clean-up in the laboratory. The participants were intensively familiarized with the fascinating technology of the system and the easy-to-use software. In addition, the distributors learned how to maintain and install the devices themselves.
It is always a great pleasure for us to maintain the close cooperation with distributors on an international basis through trainings just like these and thereby ensure the high technical competence of our distributors.

11. BioDetectors Workshop – Aachen – Germany



Customer and cooperation partner BioDetection Systems organized a workshop for scientists in cooperation with RTWH Aachen University in order to discuss the latest technologies out of environmental research. 
Development Manager Dr. Uwe Aulwurm (LCTech) presented with a lecture about FREESTYLE XANA our unique fully automated solution in the field of water analysis. The robotic system FREESTYLE XANA has been specifically developed for sample preparation of large-volume water samples, for example of drinking water, raw water or river water. Without the need for supervision, the system processes samples reliably over 24 hours and 7 days / week through all stages beginning with the raw sample up to filling into GC vials.

Participation at this workshop gave LCTech access to a new clientele that will generate some new projects. 

Mülheimer Wasseranalytisches Seminar 2018 – Mülheim – Germany



The MWAS is a congress that is accompanied by a trade exhibition, on which scientists, user, and manufactures from their working area meet.
Besides numerous lectures, the participants can exchange their experiences in water analysis and inform themselves about the latest technologies in this field at the trade exhibition.

LCTech was also on site with a booth and let the participates “dive in” for a moment into the world of fully automated sample clean-up in water analysis with the FREESTYLE XANA product video. 
Furthermore, the conversations during the exhibition enabled us to learn more about the current development of legislation in water and environmental analysis.

Jersey Sponsorship Football Men’s Team TSV Obertaufkirchen - Obertaufkirchen - Germany



For the winter season of 2018/19 LCTech supports the local football club TSV Obertaufkirchen with new jerseys. The first use of the jerseys brought already luck, as they won an important derby against the neighbouring village. 

We are happy about this great cooperation and keep our fingers crossed that the new jerseys will continue to bring the team much joy and success for the current season!

Technological (at the) Forefront – Obertaufkirchen – Germany



A high-resolution DFS mass spectrometer from Thermo Fisher Scientific underlines our own claim for continuous development, reliable quality assurance and customer support at eye level.

This great technology allows us to do dioxin and PCB analysis in-house, in order to optimize methods, and to ensure the incomparable high quality standard of our products.

Close cooperation with scientists and customers worldwide is particularly important to LCTech, because only in this way can we meet changing but also new requirements and offer suitable solutions.

Our dioxin specialist Thomas Kerkemeier (2nd from left) is "the one in charge" when it comes to quality assurance in analytics. Together with Product Manager Maximilian Baumann, Sales Support Dr. Thomas Fiedler and Development Manager Dr. Uwe Aulwurm (from left to right), he ensures the basis for the perfection of our products for best customer advice and support. 

From experts for experts - As experts for automated sample preparation, we take our responsibility very seriously to be an experienced and reliable partner for you.

20th Anniversary of LCTech – Obertaufkirchen – Germany



As part of a summer party, the employees celebrated LCTech`s 20th anniversary in beautiful weather. Above all, the celebration should be a celebration by and for the employees themselves, who make a considerable contribution to the success of the company on a daily basis. After the official speech by Michael Baumann, founder and managing director of LCTech GmbH, in which he emphasized the changes in the working world over the past 20 years, various games were offered in addition to coffee and cake, such as traditional “beer mug pushing” and minigolf. A photo box created special fun, where everyone could be photographed with the funniest disguises. After a delicious meal, the day ended with cocktails, music, and dancing and was a lot of fun for everyone.

analytica 2018 - Munich - Germany


The analytica in munich is an international meeting place for laboratory technology, analytics, and biotechnology every two years. As the largest and most important European congress exhibition of this kind, scientists, industry, and users meet there.
LCTech had very special highlights this year: Our team of experts presented the latest technologies for sample clean-up in the field of water and environmental, PCB and dioxin, as well as food and feed analysis. 
There was also a very special surprise already on the first day of the fair: For the second time, the trade magazine LABORPRAXIS presented the Application Award among fifty applicants in the four categories of laboratory technology, biotechnology & pharmaceuticals, water & environmental, and food analysis. LCTech was nominated for the latter. Actually, our new automated QuEChERS method put us in first place.

The editor-in-chief of LABORPRAXIS, Marc Platthaus, handed over the award to Maximilian Baumann, who accepted it proudly. 
In summary, we look back on four interesting, exciting, and successful days at the fair and thank you for the numerous visitors, good discussions, and great feedback that made analytica so special once more.

DEXTech 16 „Kick-Off-Meeting“ – Obertaufkirchen – Germany


A milestone in the history of LCTech is presented: 
DEXTech 16 – THE sensation in PCB and dioxin analysis: 1 system – 1 sequence – 16 samples, unattended during day, night and even at the weekend. Realized based on many years of experience, knowledge, competence, and above all through outstanding employees who do fantastic work every day. Every department – whether development, design, purchase, warehouse, production, administration, marketing, or sales – is involved in one way or another in the creation and development of a product. But who was involved in this development, and how?
Product manager of the DEXTech devices, Maximilian Baumann, called the entire staff to a "kick-off-meeting" to introduce the system and the employees involved in development and used this opportunity to thank all those involved in the project - for their performance, their passion and their attention to the smallest detail, which made this unique device possible in its entirety.
A presentation with pictures - rummaged out of the depths of the company archive - already provided some laughs at the beginning. Pictures documenting the development of our DEXTech product family: from the first drafts to numerous prototypes up to the finished masterpieces: DEXTech Plus, DEXTech Pure and DEXTech 16.
"We have set a milestone," said Maximilian Baumann in his subsequent speech. In addition to thank-you speeches from the general manager and the head of development, employees from development, production and design also had their say and proudly presented their daily work.
A “Weißwurst” (veal sausage with a white peel) dinner together rounded off the emotional event.

The World Mycotoxin Forum – 10th Conference – Amsterdam – The Netherlands



Mycotoxin contaminations – a global challenge that the World Mycotoxin Forum 2018 in Amsterdam focused on, because food contaminated with mycotoxins is an enormous health risk to the consumers. In addition, climate change is having an increasingly negative effect on the global occurrence of mycotoxins in food and feed.

The conference offered the excellent opportunity to network with scientists from the food and feed industry, representatives from universities and governments from all over the world, exchange ideas, and discuss approaches.

Our head of laboratory, Dr. Frederik Wuppermann, showed on site with a poster presentation how LCTech supports customers to save time and money in their daily laboratory routine: With the robotic system FREESTYLE ThermELUTE™ you can automate your mycotoxin analysis from raw extract to chromatogram, without even one manual step. At the same time, results with a remarkable sensitivity in the lower ppt range are achieved, so that even baby food can be processed without any problems.

Sales and Service Training – Obertaufkirchen – Germany


LCTech is represented worldwide through excellent distributors who sell our devices and products. For a close cooperation, regular sales and service trainings are of great importance.

For this reason, our distributors from France, Spain, and Italy visited us in spring 2018 to familiarise themselves with our latest systems and methods for automated sample preparation.

Of course, the focus was on our brand new DEXTech 16 for fully automated PCB and dioxin analysis. Also the field of water analysis wasn`t missed out with the FREESTYLE XANA system for automated clean-up of water samples. Moreover, we introduced the new automated QuEChERS method à la LCTech for standard matrices and difficult dry matrices to our distributors, which will be present to the general public for the first time at analytica 2018.

National Dioxin-Workshop „Advanced Analytical Solutions in Dioxin Analysis“ – Thiruvananthapuram – South India


LCTech is moving at the worlds elite when it comes to sample clean-up of highly toxic dioxins. During a one-day analysis-workshop, 50 experts from all over the India discussed the topic of dioxins and related contaminants in environmental, food and feed samples.
Of particular interest was the aspect of waste incineration, which has been recognised as the major source for the dioxin-contaminated environment of India. The country is currently undergoing a phase of transition concerning its food and environmental legislation. They are increasingly oriented towards European and US-American directives. 

Dr. Marc von Essen (LCTech) was on site and gave a presentation about the importance of sample preparation. In the afternoon, he organised a hands-on seminar at the “National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology, CSIR-NIIST” to introduce the participants our latest technologies for sample clean-up in PCB and dioxin analysis

New Year’s Reception of the „Educational Pact Secondary School Gars“ – Gars am Inn – Germany


School – and afterwards?
The end of schooldays is approaching; a new phase of life is waiting to begin. Especially now it is important for schoolchildren to ask themselves: How should things proceed after school? What are my interests and what am I good at? We would like to support young people with these questions and offer them opportunities for their future careers.

For this reason, we have been part of the Educational Pact of the secondary school in Gars (Germany) since this year, which links the school with companies and self-employed workers from the region. 

During the New Year’s Reception, headmaster OStD Gunter Fuchs presented us with the certificate for cooperation with the Educational Pact. At the education fair, which took place in parallel, we had the opportunity to present our training offer in the occupations of laboratory assistants and industrial clerks.
We are pleased to cooperating with the secondary school Gars!

Besides training positions, we are also looking for new employees in other positions. Curious?
Find out more about open vacancies under LCTech Career. We look forward to receiving your application!

Christmas Tombola 2017 – Obertaufkirchen – Germany



Every year we organise a in-house Christmas tombola. We collect all received gifts and raffle them among our employees, in order that each one gets to enjoy them.
Our heartfelt thanks at this point to all our suppliers and business partners who make our employees happy every year again.

We are Proud of our Employees: Honours for Long-Standing Seniority – Obertaufkirchen – Germany



We are extremely pleased to congratulate six of our employees for 10 “round” years of seniority. 

Managing director Michael Baumann honoured our jubilees at this years Christmas party and thanked them wholeheartedly for their many years of great cooperation, which has contributed to make the company what it has become today. 

LCTech Christmas Party 2017 – Obertaufkirchen – Germany


Ho-Ho-Ho! What is Santa Claus doing at LCTech?
Champagne reception by candlelight, great food and trainees who ensured the right mood: Perfect for a cosy end of the year in a relaxed atmosphere.
In the newly constructed ambience of the brewery in Stierberg, the employees of LCTech reviewed the turbulent and successful year 2017. This time our trainees came up with a surprise: With a patchy Christmas story, they awakened the ambition in all of us to take part and puzzle. The resourceful ones got home-baked cookies, delivered by Santa Claus himself - who can resist that?

We would like to thank you very much for the funny Christmas party, wish you a wonderful Christmas season and a happy new year 2018!

3. Linzer Kontaminantentagung – Linz – Austria



This year´s participants at the conference for contaminations in Linz dealt with pollutants along the food and feed production chain. During the two days, international experts from universities and authorities as well as representatives of the European Food Safety Authority (EBL) intensively discussed about prevention, monitoring, and controlling strategies against pollutants. 

We also contribute for food safety:
Environmental expert Dr. Marc von Essen and sales manager Angelika Köpf presented an approach to achieve excellent results in mycotoxin analysis even with smallest sample volumes. Fast, reliable, and cost-efficient with the fully automated FREESTYLE ThermELUTE™ robotic system using IAC SMART columns.

13. Bayerische Wassertage – Augsburg – Germany


Trace substances in water bodies were the focus of this year´s two-day congress of the 13. Bayerischen Wassertage. Besides numerous lectures, the participants could use the time to exchange their experiences in the area of water analysis. Our experts were on site to demonstrate how the very time-consuming preparation of water samples in the laboratory can be facilitated immense. 

The highlight was the robotic system FREESTYLE XANA, which is already successfully implemented with best results and without cross-contamination for the automated clean-up of explosives, sweeteners, pesticides or pharmaceutical residues in water samples in many laboratories in routine.

Our Environmental Expert Visits China - Hanghzou - China


Our expert for environmental toxins, Dr. Marc von Essen, went to China in November. He was invited to give talks to Asian specialists for dioxin, PCBs and brominated compounds.

Besides several visits of governmental labs and institutions between Beijing and Shanghai, the trip climaxed in the speaker participation at the DIOXN ANALYSIS ROUND-TABLE SUMMIT in Hangzhou. Hand in hand with Chinese partners, culinarian and cultural aspects were considered as much as possible besides business occasions. Hence, this trip has been a memorable experience.

From Trainee to Trainer: Congratulations for Qualifying as a Instructor (IHK) – Obertaufkirchen – Germany



Our employee Lisa Klinger obtained her instructor certificate from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) in November and is now allowed to actively train laboratory assistants herself. We express our congratulations to her on passing the exam!

Our success is based on the qualifications, motivation and responsibility of each individual employee – which is why we are particularly proud of Mrs. Klinger. At the time she started her career she was trainee at our company`s biotechnology department as well. After graduating, she continued to work for us as a biolaboratory assistant. We are pleased that Lisa is now accepting the challenge of serving as a point of contact for future trainees and accompanying them on their professional career path of life.

District Administrator Visited LCTech – Obertaufkirchen – Germany


Exciting topics concerning food and environment were discussed when Georg Huber, District Administrator of Mühldorf (Upper Bavaria, Germany), and executives from the District Office visited the company LCTech.
LCTech’s Managing Director, Michael Baumann, explained which tasks the company’s innovative robotic systems perform in laboratories around the world. Using the example of coffee, the application areas were vividly illustrated. In this luxury foodstuff, the entire spectrum of sample preparation for the subsequent analysis of pesticides and mycotoxins can be illustrated, from the producer to the cup of coffee. 

A tour through the building completed the visit, where the District Administrator and his staff got to know an innovative, internationally oriented company.

GTFCh Workshop - Rostock - Germany

05. - 06.10.2017

Storm “Xavier” caused some trouble for the participants of this year's GTFCh Workshop (Society for Toxicological and Forensic Chemistry), especially on their way home.
At the event, however, LCTech presented a simple solution for the sample preparation of difficult matrices, such as brain and similar matrices: the bidirectional SPE. Due to the special kind of the procedure, cross-contamination can reliably be excluded because the sample does not get into contact with the system at any time.


Thailand Lab – Bangkok – Thailand



Our distributor, Bara Scientific, presented our flexible and modular robotic system FREESTYLE at Thailand Lab. The system was equipped with the SPE-, the GPC-, and the EVAporation module for the automated sample clean-up via solid phase extraction (SPE) or gel permeation chromatography and the precise concentration down to 0.2 mL.

We Welcome Our New Trainees – Obertaufkirchen – Germany


On Friday, 01 September 2017, a new phase of life began for two young people.

The new recruits are Julia Urbanek (left), who began her training as an industrial clerk, and Laura Sperber (right), who is being trained as a biology laboratory assistant. We wish them a good start to their professional life, many new and exciting experiences, and of course a successful time at LCTech!

Dioxin 2017 – Vancouver – Canada

20. - 25.08.2017

Scientist from all over the world focusing on dioxins and PCBs, met at the Dioxin 2017 taking place in Vancouver, Canada. One of the sponsors was LCTech. We presented our sample preparation system DEXTech Plus that enables the very fast and reliable sample clean-up; proven to be without cross-contamination.  
But the LCTech crew also brought something special in their bag: The brand-new video about DEXTech 16! It shows for the first time our new system, that processes one complete sequence of 16 samples unattended. This is an absolute innovation on the market of sample preparation for the dioxin and PCB analysis!

Service Training – Obertaufkirchen – Germany


Directly after the sales training the first service training in our new building took place. Besides several demonstrations, a hands-on course was part of the training, where the participants learned how to unpack, set up and install our systems. Once the job has been done, the trainer and the participants enjoyed a visit and a walk through the beautiful city Erding completed by a delicious dinner.

Sales Training - Obertaufkirchen Germany


In our new building, we invited our distributors from around the world to our first sales meeting. Focus of the training were especially our new systems for automated sample prep: FREESTYLE XANA for clean-up of water samples and DEXTech Plus for sample clean-up for dioxin and PCB analysis. Besides that, special application areas for our FREESTYLE system like Solid Phase Extraction for forensic and toxikological samples were discussed.

Workshop DEXTech Plus – Ankara – Turkey


Guests at a workshop organised by our distributor: Together we showed the advantages of our automated sample preparation system for PCB and dioxin analysis, DEXTech Plus, to interested customers and users. 

Lab Automation – S-Hertogenbosch – The Netherlands


Together with our distributor BCON we presented our FREESTYLE and its various fields of application in the Netherlands: Automated sample clean-up of food and feed samples, environmental and biological samples and even pharmaceutical and forensic samples. The applications are numerous and a lot are already implemented in routine and described in application notes. 

Arablab – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


At Arablab 2017 our distributor Gulf Bio Analytical showed the various and flexible usage of our robotic system FREESTYLE at his booth. Wheter Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) or gel permeation chromatography, evaporation or any combination of these applications, the samples are always cleaned-up reliably for the subsequent analysis.