04. - 05. April 2019


Company History

  • August 2018: Market Introduction of D-EVA vacuum concentrator for fast, parallel, and reproducible concentration of 1 - 47 samples in PCB- and dioxin-analysis.
  • August 2018: Market Introduction of DEXTech Heat, the automated sample-clean-up system for PCB- and dioxin-samples hardening at room temperature.
  • 2018: Market introduction of the first fully automated sample clean-up system for PCB and dioxin analysis: DEXTech 16. The system processes 16 samples unattended in one sequence, around the clock, day and night.
  • 2017: Market introduction of the automated sample preparation system DEXTech Pure. Modified in terms of fluidics and methods and thus the perfect solution for customers interested especially in measuring PCBs and dioxins separately or also for customers interested only in PCB analysis. 
  • February 2017: We have moved! In February it finally happened: Approximately one year after “breaking ground” the LCTech GmbH changed its location and moved into the new company building in Obertaufkirchen.
  • 2016: Market introduction of the automated sample preparation system DEXTech Plus for dioxin and PCB analysis. This system sets new standards in regards of flexibility, low cost per sample and effortless handling.
  • 2015: Automated sample preparation for water analysis: Market introduction of FREESTYLE XANA, the new system specifically developed for sample preparation of large-volume water samples, for example of drinking water, raw water or river water.  
  • 2014: Fully automation by the enlargement of the FREESTYLE system with ThermELUTE™ module
  • 2013: Market introduction of the automated sample preparation system DEXTech, which is used for dioxin and PCB analysis.
  • 2011: Market introduction of the new FREESTYLE robotic system for automated sample preparation with combinable and flexible modules like the SPE-, GPC- or EVAporation module. 
  • 2010: First presentation of the new GPC generation at the Analytica 2010 in Munich
  • since 2007: Exklusiv-Distribution of PICKERING products in India
  • 2005: Market introduction of the first products for mycotoxin analysis; the immunoaffinity columns AflaCLEAN and OtaCLEAN
  • 2003: The company established it´s own biotechnology department that develops and produces products for sample preparation and analysis of mycotoxins. 
  • 2000: Market introduction of the first fully automated sample preparation system TACS. In subsequent years there was a continual development and enlargement of the product range of LCTech, such as with GPC Ultra or GPC Vario. 
  • 1998: Foundation of LCTech GmbH
  • since 1997: Exclusive distribution of PICKERING products in Europe
  • 1993: Foundation of "Industrievertretungen Baumann", Sales of PICKERING laboratories products